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Learn how to use Fileport and find answers to common questions

Uploading multiple files

You can select multiple files in the file prompt, use the Upload Folder function or drag and drop multiple folders and files. A folder will be created containing the files you selected.

Recipients can choose to download specific files or download the entire folder as a ZIP file. ZIP downloads can be “streamed” even if the folder hasn't been entirely uploaded yet.

You can queue up multiple uploads by clicking the upload icon next to the menu or drag and dropping while an active upload is in progress.

How can I share my uploads?

You can share your uploads in a number of ways:

  • Click the COPY button. The upload link will be copied to the clipboard and you can paste it in your favorite email client or another application.
  • Select SHARE. If your browser supports it, a link sharing popup will appear.
  • Use the EMAIL function. You can email multiple recipients right through Fileport.
  • Scan the QR code from a mobile device using the camera app.

My upload is stuck

Although we try to support all devices, a combination of operating systems, browsers, software, firewalls, internet providers and antivirus software might interfere with your uploads.

To make sure your upload succeeds, make sure that:

  • You are using a latest version of a fully featured browser. We suggest using Google Chrome for your uploads, as it is the most compliant when it comes to industry leading web standards.
  • Leave your device screen on. Certain browsers will halt the upload if your device goes to sleep mode.
  • If you're using antivirus or firewall software, make sure that the domain * is whitelisted.
  • Turn off your VPN before you upload. VPNs add a lot of unnecessary hops to your network traffic which can create problems with large uploads. Fileport has a strong Privacy Policy.
  • If you're uploading a folder with more than 2000 files, compress your files into a single archive and upload that instead.
  • If you're actively editing or exporting to a file (such as rendering an edited video), please close the file or wait for the export to finish before you start the upload.

Upload speed is too slow

Fileport runs a micro-benchmark before you upload in order to determine the best region and maximize your upload speed. You can override that by going to the main menu and selecting a Location on the left.

Run a speed test to determine your upload speed. Make sure you divide the result by 8, as the speed is displayed in bits and Fileport shows the speed in bytes. Fileport should be able to upload close to your maximum upload speed.

VPNs, firewalls and antivirus software might interfere with your upload speed, so turn them off before you upload.

My recipient did not receive my email

To comply with email sending regulations, emails sent by Fileport respect the recipient's unsubscribe list. Make sure that the recipient hasn't clicked the unsubscribe link in a previous email you have sent them. If they have, they can click it again to re-subscribe.

Certain email services might place your share emails in the Spam folder. In that case your recipients will need to mark your emails as not spam and whitelist

How do I edit my upload?

Click the EDIT button while uploading or select a previous upload from your upload list. You will be able to:

  • Change the name of an upload if it contains multiple files
  • Add a description that will be shown in the download page
  • Add tags so you can better categorize your uploads
  • Change the expiration date
  • Set a password
  • Turn on auto-delete or download notifications

Some of the above are only available on Pro accounts.

Adding to or removing files from an existing upload

Click the FILES button after selecting an upload. You will be able to add/remove files once your upload has been finalized.

Tagging uploads

Tags act like high level folders and can help you organize your uploads. To add tags, enter them in the Tags section when editing an upload. Each upload can contain multiple tags.

You can filter by tags by clicking on a tag in the upload list or selecting the Tag filter.

Automatically zipping files before upload

Fileport can automatically zip uploads for you right on the browser if you are uploading a large amount of files. The option will be shown as a popup when you are uploading a folder with 20 files or more and a maximum size of 6 GB.

Sharing multiple uploads

While a single upload itself can contain multiple folders and files, you can link multiple uploads together into a shareable link.

Click Select in the uploads list, select your uploads and click on an action in the bottom of the list.

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