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Learn how to use Fileport and find answers to common questions

What are Photobooks?

Photobooks are online albums intended for creative professionals and prosumers to showcase their content.

They provide a fast web interface with photo and video previews while retaining your original files for download.

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How can I create a Photobook?

Photobooks can be created by Pro users. To create one, upload multiple files or a folder comprised mostly of photos or videos and select CONVERT TO PHOTOBOOK.

The minimum amount of media files required is 2 and the minimum size is 10 KB.

How long does media processing take?

Fileport will create multi-resolution previews of your media so they can be accessed fast on any device. This process usually takes up to 1 minute for photos and 5 minutes for videos, but can take up to 10 minutes in some cases.

You can reduce the wait time by converting your upload to a Photobook immediately after starting the upload.

Sharing a specific photo or video from a Photobook

You can share a specific photo by opening it and then clicking on the share icon. Alternatively you may copy and paste the URL in the address bar.

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