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Learn how to use Fileport and find answers to common questions

File has expired

The uploader has either deleted the file or it has automatically expired. Uploads by free users expire after 7 days.

Please contact the sender and ask them to re-upload the file.

Expired files are securely deleted and there is no way to recover them — they are gone forever.

My file is stuck on downloading

Corporate firewalls, antivirus software or VPN tunnels might be interfering with your ability to download. Please turn them off or whitelist *

If you opened a download link through an embedded browser such as Facebook Messenger or Gmail, make sure you re-open the link on the system browser by tapping the button on the bottom right. Downloads on embedded mobile browsers do not work well with large files.

Fileport allows you to download a file while the uploader is still uploading it. In some cases the uploader might choose to stop the upload or the upload speed might drop due to network conditions, causing your download to stall. You can give your download more time to finish or ask the sender to resume their upload.

I cannot open the ZIP file I've downloaded

ZIP files over 4 GB have to be opened with compatible software. We recommend using:

Downloaded media file does not open or play

Fileport does not modify media files in any way. All files are stored as unaltered originals. Please ask the sender to encode their media files in a codec and file type that your device supports.

We suggest using VLC to play media files as it supports most common formats and codecs.

I cannot preview images from a download

You can preview certain file types up to 200 MB in size.

In some cases, ultra high resolution images cannot be displayed in the browser. Please ask the uploader to resize their images before uploading or download all images as a ZIP and open them in specialized editing software such as Photoshop.

I've noticed copyrighted or illegal material on your platform

Fileport has a zero tolerance policy regarding such material. See the Terms of Service for more.

Please use the Abuse Form to report them.

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