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Instant downloads
Your files are available for download the instant you start the upload. Recipients can "stream" your file or folder as you're sending it. Teleport your files.
Fast uploads
Fileport chooses the best upload region based on your location. Large folder uploads are batched and optionally compressed to improve speed.
No ads or tracking
We respect your privacy. We do not use analytics or tracking services and will never show advertisements anywhere on our platform.
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Ample storage
Send files and store up to 2 TB. Live checksumming ensures your files are uploaded without corruption no matter the network conditions.
Your content is stored and transmitted using industry standard encryption. You have complete control over who has access to your files.
Download statistics
Know exactly when or how many times a file is downloaded. You can also receive an email notification when a file is first downloaded.
Create beautiful online albums of your photos and videos. Your original source files are available for download.
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Multiple users
Invite people from your organization or project.