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About Fileport


Fileport was founded in 2023 with a simple mission statement: the fastest way to send files over the internet.

Typically, email providers have file size restrictions and online cloud storage can be cumbersome to use. Fileport is the simplest way of transferring large files from point A to B. Intended for creative individuals like artists, video/audio editors, photographers showcasing their work or anyone whose work depends on exchanging large files.

Fileport is capable of “streaming” files to the recipient (or multiple recipients) as you upload them. You can upload multiple files or folders which can be downloaded in a compressed format, even while uploading. Files are automatically checksummed for integrity during the upload process.


There are many companies providing services in the file transfer space.

Here are some features that set us apart:

No ads

We will never show advertisements anywhere on our platform. No distracting, privacy-intruding CPU and memory-hogging advertisements getting in your way. We will never sell your data to advertising companies.

Fileport is committed to providing a simple, clean and easy to use interface for sharing your files.

No tracking

Fileport does not use any external analytics services. Fileport does not make any HTTP requests to external domains at all. We only collect large-scale anonymized usage data for the purpose of improving our service.

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Servers and bandwidth are not free. Fileport depends on subscription revenue in order to keep the lights on.

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