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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Click the Send button or drag and drop files into the browser window. Your files will be automagically available for download right away.

You may copy and paste the download link to your recipient or send it via email. They will be able to stream the file or folder as you're uploading it.

Can I upload multiple files in one go?

You can select multiple files in the file prompt, use the Upload Folder function or drag and drop multiple folders and files. A folder will be created containing the files you selected.

Recipients can choose to download specific files or download the entire folder as a ZIP file. ZIP downloads can be “streamed” even if the folder hasn't been entirely uploaded yet.

Are my files secure?

Your files are not publicly accessible by anyone. Only someone in possession of the download link can access them.

Moreover, we employ strong in-transit and at-rest encryption to keep your data safe.

As an extra layer of security, Pro accounts can set file passwords.

Is an account required?

You may upload and manage files even if you don't sign up for an account. Restrictions apply.

Your recipients do not require an account to download files.

Are there any restrictions for free users?

Free users can upload files or folders up to 5 GB. Uploads expire after 7 days or 200 GB of download transfer, whichever comes first.

You are also limited to 10 uploads per day and 2 emails sent per upload.

Can I send files larger than 5 GB?

Fileport Pro users can send up to 2 TB. All other limits associated with free uploads don't apply.

Moreover, you can set a custom expiration date, set a password, create Photobooks and more.

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How can I create a Photobook?

Photobooks can be created by Pro users. To create one, upload multiple files or a folder comprised mostly of photos or videos and select Convert to Photobook.

The minimum amount of media files required is 2 and the minimum size is 10 KB.

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Can I add multiple users?

Fileport Pro account holders can invite other team members. Each of these users are billed to the parent account at the same rate as a Pro account.

Users are fully featured Pro accounts and have their own 2 TB of storage.

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